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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At First Baptist, we believe that we walk in the mission field every day. Our jobs, our schools, the grocery store - they're all places where we can connect and share the gospel. We also believe in mission fields that are outside of our physical reach, so we give monetarily through our various Baptist Conventions and our Great Commisstion Committee to support those we see actively sharing the gospel in places that we may never set foot on. And finally, there are places we are able to GO and use our gifts and talents to help other missionaries who are in the field sharing the gospel with those in their area. We are a church that supports and prays for missions - locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally.

Join us in prayer for these missionaries


Missionaries in Dundalk, MD
Week of May 2:
Pray that God wil use the Gathering Church to be a light in darkness by sharing and living out the gospel in Baltimore. Pray our church and family will have wisdom and endurance to fight the good fight while building up and sending out disciples.

Ken & Tolice Nether

Missionaries in Southfield, MI
Week of April 25:
Pray that the Lord will allow us to keep meeting in the building we are currently meeting in with the hope of potentially purchasing it or by having the owners donate it to our church.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to SOUTH DAKOTA

The deadline to sign up for this trip is Sunday, May 9. Date of the mission is August 16-22. Contact Pastor Mike by clicking the "more information" button below.

Encourage active missionaries

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.